Testimonies of Change, 2023

project collaboration Non Linear Narrative

From September 2022 to April 2023, students of the master Non Linear Narrative collaborated with six independent human rights advocates related to the professional network of Dutch non-profit organisation Hivos to look into contemporary forms of activism. Paired with the activists, students have compiled new audio-based testimonies of transformational change in order to elevate the voices of communities leading the way in re-imagining a more equitable and just future.

The collaboration challenged students to understand the local effects of global injustices and connect to the lived experiences of activists campaigning for climate justice, LGBTQ and women’s rights in Namibia, Niger, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The goal was to build a platform of trans-disciplinary knowledge sharing to create an embedded learning experience that allowed for the exchange of topical expertise around activism and civic engagement.

student participants: Alessandro Caccuri, Marta Cuccurullo, Guillaume Lelong, Michela Meliddo, Mirna Jancic Doyle, Kai Jiao and Nigel van der Pol; project supervision in collaboration with Mickey Andeweg, Charlotte van Dalfsen, Linda van Deursen, Edwin Jakobs, Katrin Korfmann, Mark Schleedoorn and Judy Wetters

Exhibition opening at The Grey Space in the Middle in The Hague. – Photos by Roel Backaert Exhibition cabinets displaying research outcomes and work in progress. Testimonies of Change presents the stories of six independent human rights advocates. Nigerien Women’s rights activist Rahinatou Moussa Souna visits the opening of Testimonies of Change. The European Sandcastle by Michela Meliddo and Nigel van der Pol in collaboration with activist Saber Ammar. Erinnerung (Memory) by Kai Jiao in collaboration with activist Kiss Brian Abraham. Access with Care by Marta Cuccurullo in collaboration with activist Friedel Dausab. We Salute You, Comrade by Mirna Jancic Doyle in collaboration with activist Linda Baumann. Best-loved visitor of the exhibition.