Models for Humanity, 2018

project collaboration Graphic Design

Models for Humanity – The Future of Human Rights According to 49 Young Designers is an exhibition of 20 projects developed during a semester-long collaboration between the Graphic Design department at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, and the Dutch section of Amnesty International. The exhibition was on display during the 2018 Ambassador of Conscience Award festivities at Theater Amsterdam and opened by King Willem-Alexander. Each project investigated a critical case of human rights abuse and reflected on how digital technologies are shaping the intrinsic privileges of the future civic society.

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concept in collaboration with Lauren Alexander; student participants: Artúr Andrási, Katsiaryna Banar, Leith Benkhedda, Marc van den Berg, Kylièn Bergh, Louis Braddock Clarke, Martijn Brakenhoff, Kiki Coster, Roderick Cornelissen, Mariam Darchiashvili, Linsey Dolleman, Dana Doorenbos, Hugo Dumont, Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Manon Féval, Dominika Fojtíková, Armands Freibergs, Verena Hahn, Frank Hemmekam, Jan Husstedt, Rully Irawan, Bohwa Jang, Denise Jansen, Rebecca Joly, Sophia de Jong, Pien Kars, Christina Kordunian, Risto Kujanpää, Peter van Langen, Auke Lansink, Fien Leeflang, Kin Mun Chong, Wietske Nutma, Greta Radzevičiute, Samantha van Roosenbeek, Evy van Schelt, Theresa Scherrer, Tyrone Schorrer, Samuel Snyder, Cato Stigter, Yeon Sung, Rhodé Tavenier, Nina van Tuikwerd, Carolina Valente Pinto, Esther Vane, Wannes Vrijs, Alfonso Yordi Martinez, Rossi Yotova and Zuzanna Zgierska; project supervision in collaboration with Lauren Alexander and Maarten Beckers; exhibition design: Jungmin Lee and Marta Róbertsdóttir

Syllabus kickoff with geotag battle workshop by Christiaan Triebert from Bellingcat. – Photos by Boel Backaert Students are trained in methods of investigative journalism. Models for Humanity was exhibited at 50th year anniversary event of Amnesty International Netherlands at Theatre Amsterdam. Exhibition overview. Armands Freibergs, Christina Kordunian and Rhodé Tavenier, Voices of VPN, multi-screen video. Artúr Andrási and Greta Radzevičiute, Twitter2drive, publication of 3.000 pages. Rebecca Joly, Risto Kujanpää and Theresa Scherrer, Models of Opinion, 3D-printed figurines. Linsey Dolleman, Predictive Policing, video-mapping projection. Leith Benkhedda, Hugo Dumont and Jan Husstedt, Foreign Body, video. Wannes Vrijs, The Sound of Silence, audio installation. Roderick Cornelissen, The Convolution of the Maluku Archipelago, topographic map. Body postures research. Dana Doorenbos and Evy van Schelt, 251209_12:36PM, video. Student Marc van den Berg presenting with his peers the project Saudi Arabia 2030 to King Willem-Alexander. – Photo by Marieke Wijntjes