KABK Art and Design Research Practices #2, 2021

interview series

Touching as a Research Method in Art and Design is the second edition in a series of interviews by the Lectorate Design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, in which Lector Alice Twemlow visits the architect and designer Laura van Santen at Cor Unum Ceramics in Den Bosch to explore matter, material and touch as a design practice. Starting from the specific example of the glazed ceramic tiles van Santen is developing at Cor Unum, the conversation extended to topics such as experimenting with ingredients and processes, working with waste and embracing unexpected outcomes.

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interview: Alice Twemlow; director of photography: Roel Backaert; camera and editing: Yannick van de Graaf; music: Laura Dilettante

KABK Art and Design Research Practices #2 on Vimeo.