Nederland in ideeën, 2014

online collection of worldly wisdoms

Nederland in ideeën is an online exhibition following the publication of the same name, in which 93 scientists, entrepreneurs and artists share their personal views on the challenges of daily life. Its front page functions like a gateway to the entire content widely scattered over the Internet. It glues together the contributions by pointing to articles published on the authors’ personal websites. was presented during the book launch on November 17, 2014 at FOAM – Photography Museum Amsterdam.

The site is implemented as a grid of 96 tiles, one for each of the authors and 3 special ones for navigation. The grid is dynamic and reacts to the position of the cursor by resizing its elements to always magnify one element in focus. Each of the content tiles serves as a catalog card, with a short bio of the author on one side, and the headline of their contribution on the other. Additionally, the visitor can filter the tiles based on the writer’s discipline or real-life situation they are touching.

Nederland in ideeën is an experiment in which a physical publication is accompanied by distributing the content all over the net.

Check out the Nederland in ideeën website for the full experience.

programming: Michał Ejdys; published by: Maven Publishing

The website presents a grid of 96 tiles which magnify through rollover or swipe. Clicking on a purple navigation tile expands its content. On hover the biography appears. On click the card flips to display the headline. Hovering the tiles generates a soft, crackling sound. One of the navigation tiles reveals background information of the project. Clicking on a contributor’s name opens the corresponding web page. The external page delivers the full text. Each of the sites links to the next in sequence as well as back to the gateway. Back on the overview page you can select a different article. Each of the authors presents the contribution in their own personal space. The third navigation tile offers sort and filter options. Articles can be arranged according to the author’s name… …or to the sequence published in the actual book. Filtering based on topics allows to find related articles. Related contributions are highlighted in red.