Overprint Guide, 2022

note book

This 12-colour overprint guide is developed in collaboration with Amsterdam-based printing company Robstolk. The guide features various overprint combinations of the following 12 PMS colours: PMS Red 032, PMS 1375, PMS 803, PMS 389, PMS 7488, PMS Green, PMS 7460, PMS 300, PMS 072, PMS 266, PMS 807 and PMS Rhodamine Red. These spot colours are evenly spread over the colour wheel.

There are 220 possible sets of 3 colours, selected from this list of 12. However, trios with colours too close to each other are excluded from the selection, as they are not distinctive enough and do not provide enough contrast. Conversely, sets including complimentary colours are discarded, as their overprint results in very darks shades. 76 colour combinations remaining after this process of elimination are used throughout the book and listed on the inside of the cover.

programming: Michał Ejdys; printing: Robstolk